So what exactly can you expect from our program?

Within a few weeks Your penis should begin to look and feel thicker, especially in the flaccid state. You should notice that your erections are stronger and longer-lasting, and that your urine stream is more forceful and easier to control.

After 4 - 6 weeks Your penis should begin to look and feel longer and thicker in both the erect and flaccid state. You should have much better control of your ejaculations than ever before, giving you longer staying power during sex. Your orgasms should feel more intense and your ejaculations should be quite powerful.

After a few months Your penis should be stronger and healthier than ever before. Not only should you be longer and thicker, but your erections should be rock hard. Your PC muscles should be fully developed at this point, allowing you to maintain virtually full control over your erections and ejaculations.



What specific benefits will you gain from our program?

A larger, stronger penis

• Lengthen your penis up to 3 full inches
• Develop a more muscular-looking penis
• Increase the girth of your penis
• Straighten your curved penis
• Develop a larger "mushroom" head


Greater confidence and sexual performance

• Lengthen and intensify your orgasms
• Eliminate impotence and mild erectile dysfunction (ED)
• Develop increased sensitivity and sensation during sex
• Have a healthy, fulfilling sex life
• Boost your confidence in virtually every area of your life


Improved sexual stamina and partner satisfaction

• Attain stronger, rock hard erections
• Control premature ejaculation
• Shorten recovery time between orgasms
• Increase the power and distance of your ejaculations
• Improve your thrusting power and penile control



So what makes better?

• Simply put, our program works - guaranteed. In independent trials, our unique program outperformed every other enlargement site on the market.

• Our exclusive, recognized online program contains all of the information, step-by-step instructions and online video you need for strengthening and enlarging your penis.

• We present our entire program in an simple and straight-forward manner that is very easy for anyone to follow. We even full video which demonstrates the proper form and technique of each exercise.

• Our program was developed after months of research and testing by our staff of trainers and we are the only site which offers this ground-breaking new program.

• We offer superior customer service. Our staff is always available for you online and are prepared to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Our techniques have been proven to safely increase the size of your penis, and we stand behind our program with a full 6 month money back guarantee.

• And unlike other programs, our program takes as little as 15 minutes a day. That's because we have compiled our extensive array of exercises into a streamlined, customizable program. That way, you don't have to "work out" for hours every single day like many programs require. We have found that the right combination of exercises have a synergistic effect that produces maximum results in the least amount of time.

• Best of all, the results from our program are permanent. Enhancements achieved with our program will not be lost once you stop performing the exercises.


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