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The penis is made up of 3 main areas. There are 2 large chambers on the top of the penis (the Corpus Cavernosum) and 1 smaller chamber on the bottom of the penis (the Corpus Spongiosum).

When you get stimulated, your brain emits a hormon that orders your body to send blood into your penis which then fills the erectile tissue and enlarges and erects your penis. This is called erection. It is the erectile tissue that fills up with blood and causes the erection.

Anatomy of the penis

(1) epididymis
(2) testicle
(3) vas deferens
(4) prostate
(5) bladder
(6) urethra
(7) semen blister
(8) sphincter urethra
(9) corpus spongiosum
(10) glans penis
(11) erectile tissue
(12) foreskin
(13) pubic bone
(14) rectum
(15) anus
(16) sacrum



Our technique stimulates and expands the erectile tissue. While you sleep, the erectile tissue regenerates and grows bigger and stronger.

During the course of a week the cells of your erectile tissue will be expanded dozends of times allowing your erectile tissue - and thus your penis - to permanently grow longer and thicker.

A positive side effect than most of our participants will have is a significant growth of the glans penis through the repetition of the exercises. This provides for an even stronger sexual stimulation. No equipment and no pills needed!!! Our technique is secure and 100% natural.

Our technique leads to real and permanent penis enlargement with tested and doctor recommended exercises. We have improved ancient techniques that arabian, african and asian cultures have been practicing for centuries. gives you more masculinity, more self-confidence and more sexual attraction!

Show off...

- in the shower

- in the sauna

- in the gym


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