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"Hello everybody. I've been on the program for about 3 weeks now and when I started i had a 7.50 inch penis and the girth was 5.5. After three weeks my penis has grown to 8 inches and the girth is 5.75. I want to get a 8.5 inch penis with a 6.25 inch girth because I like tall women, and they supposedly have deeper vaginas. Stay dedicated to the program because it works for sure."

Just wanted to say that I plan to keep it going for a long time, to eventually reach my goal of 8+" by 6+". Right now I'm like 7"-7.25" by 5.25-5.75" (depending on what part of the shaft)
Seems like a realistic enough goal, and I will keep you updated. Thanks a ton for this informative site!

I have been doing this for about 6 months now.
Some of  you may not beleive me, but in my first  3  WEEKS I GAINED EXACTLY "1 INCH!!!"
1) You need  motivation.
2) Do it properly!!!
3) Eat properly  or forget it!!!!.
I make sure i do the exersices slowly and vigorously while i watch a porn for motivation.ARE YOU LAUGHING???? Well it WORKS!!! I also gained some girth but not sure how much. BUT MY PENIS IS THICK AND HARD!!! I used to be 5.5 INCHES.And in six months now im a splendid 7.3!!! My girlfriend WAS SHOCKED.She could not explain but she said her whole vagina felt fuller and nice. This Works!!!!!
All you guys out there that are discouraged,YOU CAN DO IT!!! Dont just do the same exercises,find more and use the best. Let me just say that you must remember we are all different with different bodies. So RESULTS VARY just like normal workouts in a gym.

I started these workout about 2-3 weeks ago and at first i didn't believe they would work. I was shocked that in two weeks i had begun gaining length and girth, now im only 16 so it may be easier for me to gain but never the less here are my gains.
First Week
flacid               Erect
Girth: 3.75        Girth: 4.25
Length: 4.25       Length: 6.25
Second Week(end)
Flacid             Erect
Girth: 4.25         Girth: 4.75
Length: 4.50       Length: 6.50
My goal is a 8inchg length and a 6 inch girth erect and a 6 inch flacid. TAKE THE EXERCISES SLOW THEY WILL WORK.

Been exercising now for 6 months. I started with an erection at between 4.75 and 5 inches. I am now at 7.25 inches long fully erect! My girth went from 5.25 inches to a spectacular 6.25 inches thick. My new flaccid length will vary depending on the time of day between 5 and 6 inches and about 5 inches in circumference. I would like to seek out information on how to get to 8 inches erect. That has been my goal!

I started with a very small penis 4.5" erect and 4.25" erect girth. Flaccid was either 3.25" or 3.5". After A WEEK of penis enlargement my flaccid length now is 3.75" or 3.80". I don't think I measured it wrong a week ago, I'm confident i did it right. In just a week it seems like I grew 0.25" or 0.5" in flaccid length. Plus, my penis feels fuller than a week ago. No increse in the Erect girth or Erect length though. I'm 41 years old. When I was in high school it seemed like I had a bigger penis. I remember when I used to go from class to class I used hold books infront of my pants as not show a bump in front my pants. My penis seemed to burst out of my pants. My penis must have shrunk over the years. Hopefully with penis enlargement I can get back to average or above average. 

I cannot believe I've been at this for two months now, time really seems to be flying. I'm ecstatic about the progress:
Length : 5.75"
Girth: 4.5"
Two months later
Length : 6.75"
Girth: 5.25"
I wish I would have taken starting pictures now. I am truly a believer of the penis enlargement exercising. Realistically I think I can add another 1.25" in length in 18 months. I'm gonna continue with my regular routine for another month and then I'll take a 2 week break.

I think that I will just continue with the penis enlargement exercises. I really enjoy it and it feels good. I like the feeling of the workout and the look on my penis after the work out. My erections are now much firmer. And that is saying a lot. I am 62 years old. A side benefit so to speak. I never expected the gains that I did get, so I guess I will just keep working at it. Hopefully some day down the line, I will get to that 8" that I want. But for now, I am very happy with the gains and so is my wife.

I'm very pleased to announce that I've added a quarter inch to my erect lengths. So, I've gone from 6.5 x 5.0 girth to 7.0 and 7.5 x 5.0. No gain on girth just yet, but I'm pretty happy with that anyway, as is girlfriend. PS--these measurements were taken with 2 days rest. So, in my opinion, they're actual gains.

I started at roughly 7-3/4" in length and 5-7/8" in girth and I'd fooled myself into thinking I was a true 8-incher. Now I can hang my head in pride, as I'm currently at 8-1/2" length and 6-1/8" girth.

My wife is attractive, with a nice bod, and everyone thinks she is quite younger than she really is. I am very keen on sex, I love it, and have tried quite a few things in many different places with many girls, in the past. My wife does not have a high libido and our sex life is not as good as I have had with others - this has nothing to do with marriage or my penis size. Obviously, from time to time we had awesome sex, but her interest is just not on the same level as mine.
It is I who ALWAYS takes the initiative - she can go for weeks without sex. A few weeks ago she surprised me when she was riding on top, as she began to moan profusely and to move quite wildly, which got me really going.
And the other night she started to say 'Don't stop' and 'More...more', things which she just does not usually do. She always reaches a climax, but on these occasions she was much more ‘into it’.
I feel there are two reasons for this. First, my penis is a little larger, and although I don’t know to what extent this would physically affect her, I feel I am penetrating more and that she also feels it, even if she isn’t actually aware of any physical difference. Second, I’m much more aware of my own penis and more physically turned on, with more sexual desire, because of my growth. With penis enlargement exercise I have learned to control myself more, and our sex life has improved recently because of it.

On the penis enlargement exercises for 2 months now, my girl is having problems taking it now that it has become so much thicker, she has been telling me how much more soar she is now after a good 30 min love session. She has asked me to slow down on the gains as she is not one who likes big cocks. I told her that I would stop at 7" but the girth is going to increase as much as I can. She has mentioned to as well that she has started cuming in the matter of secs now after entering her b/c of the new found spots I'm hitting, so she agrees on the thickness level increasing.

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